Who is the "Hollywood Seamstress" ?

I'm Jessica Lawson, a twenty-something year old union seamstress living in Los Angeles, California. I work in the film industry doing anything from making super-hero costumes to hemming pants. Need a gown...need it yesterday? That's sewing in Hollywood, an ever changing, staying on your toes life. I've traveled across the United States on two days notice with my trusty sewing arsenal, ready to attack a rack of clothing for the next morning's shoot. I’ve sewn the night away in Las Vegas with a view of the strip with no time for slots or cocktails until the sewing is done!

Being a seamstress also means being part of a team—one of the most personal teams to the actors. We start on day one of a project with the costume designer. Taking measurements to make custom pieces, fitting the purchased or rented clothing. Then I follow up with more fittings, tweaks here and there, miraculous reworks or rush builds to accommodate the inevitable script changes. It's an evolving job where every day has a few surprises. At the end of the film or television show, once the machines are packed up and the table is cleaned, it's worth every stitch of work when you get to see and share your work on the big and small screen. When the crazy sumo wrestling costume that almost kills you sends the audience into hysterics or when the glittering suits and capes adorning Liberace makes the crowd swoon, nothing makes me prouder of my work. At the end of the day my job is helping the costume designer create a costume that will entertain the audience.

I'll share tidbits of my work and my lifestyle as an artist, sewing techniques, tools, the projects I'm working on and interviews with industry professionals. Special posts will highlight resources and tricks of the trade, visits to set, costume shops and rental houses. We can even go hang at San Diego Comic-Con together and speak with the next generation- cosplayers!

Most of all, I want to share my love for the craft with you, and hopefully inspire a few of you with weekly updates, photos and videos. Welcome to my world!